Bosch FHP Products

Properly designing and installing a geothermal or water-source heat-pump system for a commercial, industrial or institutional facility requires state-of-the-art equipment and people who are experts in their fields. Bosch FHP can provide this and more: design, check tests and start-up. We also can provide expertise in the installation of earth loops.

Bosch FHP geothermal equipment is great for retrofit Water Loop Heat Pump (WLHP) applications. Most existing WLHP units can be easily replaced with new higher efficiency models, which can help increase LEED points for the building. By including components like MERV 13 filters, IAQ management, and System Controls, as many as 15 LEED points can be awarded. Our equipment is also more comfortable than VAV alterations.

For a list of our Bosch FHP Commercial products please visit the link below:
Bosch FHP Product Offering

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